Abo-Bakr, M.; Anders, W.; Barday, R.; Bondarenko, A.; Bürkmann-Gehrlein, K.; Dürr, V.; Heßler, S.; Jankowiak, A.; Kamps, T.; Knobloch, J.; Kugler, O.; Kuske, B.; Kuske, P.; Matveenko, A.; Meseck, A.; Müller, R.; Neumann, A.; Ott, K.; Petenev, Y.; Pflückhahn, D.; Quast, T.; Rahn, J.; Schubert, S.: Status of the Berlin Energy Recovery Project BERLinPro. In: Proceedings of Future Light Source workshop 2012. , 2012, p. 1-5

After the funding approval in late 2010 and the official project start in 2011, a mayor review of the critical design parameters took place in summer 2011. Following the strong advice of the first MAC meeting, the final energy has been reduced to 50 MeV in order to stay within the tight financial frame. As a result primarily the cold (super conducting radio frequency – SRF) systems and the injection had to be redesigned. In spring 2012 a Conceptual Design Report will be published that mirrors the present state of the project. This article summons critical strategic and design decisions.