Rädel, S.D.; Jankowiak, A.; Meseck, A.: Investigation of Microbunching-instability in BERLinPro. In: Proceedings of IPAC2014, Dresden, Germany. , 2014. - ISBN 978-3-95450-132-8, p. 1662-1664
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BERLinPro is using the new energy recovery linac technology. As, maintaining the low emittance and energy spread is of major importance in an ERL, the deep understanding and control of effects which can degrade the emittance and energy spread such as space charge effects are of interest. The microbunching caused by the longitudinal space charge forces can lead to an increase in emittance and energy spread in the arcs of the loop. In this contribution, the impacts of the microbunching instability on the beam quality and its implication for BERLinPro are discussed.