• Solorzano, E.; Pardo-Alonso, S.; Kardjilov, N.; Manke, I.; Wieder, F.; Garcia-Moreno, F.; Rodriguez-Perez, M.A.: Comparison between neutron tomography and X-ray tomography: A study on polymer foams. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B 324 (2014), p. 29-34


This work aims at discussing the possibilities of high resolution neutron tomography, in comparison to conventional cone beam X-ray CT, based on the results on a set of polymeric foamed materials. The neutron experiments have been carried out at the V7/CONRAD-2 imaging instrument located at the BER-2 research reactor at HZB and compared to the images obtained in a X-ray CT system based on a microfocus tube and a flat panel detector. This type of materials has not been previously examined with neutron imaging. The enhanced neutron attenuation relative to the X-ray attenuation and the recent development of high-resolution neutron imaging detectors encouraged this investigation. The results point to a better signal-to-noise ratio of the X-rays in comparison with current neutron tomography – due to the rather low neutron flux. Nevertheless the contrast of polymeric materials in neutron imaging offers further possibilities for future developments in high resolution neutron tomography.  2014 Elsevier