• Kosub, T.; Kopte, M.; Radu, F.; Schmidt, O.G.; Makarov, D.: All-Electric Access to the Magnetic-Field-Invariant Magnetization of Antifer-romagnets. Physical Review Letters 115 (2015), p. 097201/1-5

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The rich physics of thin film antiferromagnets can be harnessed for prospective spintronic devices given that all-electric assessment of the tiny uncompensated magnetic moment is achieved. On the example of magnetoelectric antiferromagnetic Cr2O3, we prove that spinning-current anomalous Hall magnetometry serves as an all-electric method to probe the field-invariant uncompensated magnetization of antiferromagnets. We obtain direct access to the surface magnetization of magnetoelectric antiferromagnets providing a read-out method for ferromagnet-free magnetoelectric memory. Owing to the great sensitivity, the technique bears a strong potential to address the physics of antiferromagnets. Exemplarily, we apply the method to access the criticality of the magnetic transition for an antiferromagnetic thin film. We reveal the presence of field-invariant uncompensated magnetization even in 6-nm-thin IrMn films and clearly distinguish two contributions, of which only the minor one is involved in interfacial magnetic coupling. This approach is likely to advance the fundamental understanding of the anomalous Hall and magnetic proximity effects.