Schiwietz, G.; Kühn, D.; Föhlisch, A.; Holldack, K.; Kachel, T.; Pontius, N.: Laser-pump/X-ray-probe experiments with electrons ejected from a Cu (111) target: space-charge acceleration. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23 (2016), p. 1158-1170
Open Accesn Version

A comprehensive investigation of the emission characteristics for electrons induced by X-rays of a few hundred eV at grazing-incidence angles on an atomically clean Cu(111) sample during laser excitation is presented. Electron energy spectra due to intense infrared laser irradiation are investigated at the BESSY II slicing facility. Furthermore, the influence of the corresponding high degree of target excitation (high peak current of photoemission) on the properties of Auger and photoelectrons liberated by a probe X-ray beam is investigated in time-resolved pump and probe measurements. Strong electron energy shifts have been found and assigned to space-charge acceleration. The variation of the shift with laser power and electron energy is investigated and discussed on the basis of experimental as well as new theoretical results.