Manzoni, A.M.; Singh, S.; Daoud, H.M.; Popp, R.; Völkl, R.; Glatzel, U.; Wanderka, N.: On the Path to Optimizing the Al-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni-Ti High Entropy Alloy Family for High Temperature Applications. Entropy 18 (2016), p. 104/1-13
Open Accesn Version

The most commonly investigated high entropy alloy, AlCoCrCuFeNi, has been chosen for optimization of its microstructural and mechanical properties by means of compositional changes and heat treatments. Among the different available optimization paths, the decrease of segregating element Cu, the increase of oxidation protective elements Al and Cr and the approach towards a -1 microstructure like in Ni-based superalloys have been probed and compared. Microscopical observations have been made for every optimization step. Vickers microhardness measurements and/or tensile/compression test have been carried out when the alloy was appropriate. Five derived alloys AlCoCrFeNi, Al23Co15Cr23Cu8Fe15Ni16, Al8Co17Cr17Cu8Fe17Ni33, Al8Co17Cr14Cu8Fe17Ni34.8Mo0.1Ti1W0.1 and Al10Co25Cr8Fe15Ni36Ti6 (all at.%) have been compared to the original AlCoCrCuFeNi and the most promising one has been selected for further investigation.