• Kaspar, K.; Fritsch, K.; Habicht, K.; Willenberg, B.; Hillebrecht, H.: Solvent-Based Synthesis of Nano-Bi0.85Sb0.15 for Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Applications. Journal of Electronic Materials 46 (2017), p. 92-100


In this study we show a preparation method for nanostructured Bi0.85Sb0.15 powders via a chemical reduction route in a polyol medium, yielding material with particle sizes of 20–150 nm in scalable amounts. The powders were consolidated by spark plasma sintering (SPS) in order to maintain the nanostructure. To investigate influence of the sinter process, the powders were characterized by x-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements before and after SPS. Transport properties, Seebeck effect, and thermal conductivity were determined in the low temperature range below 300 K. The samples showed excellent thermal conductivity of 2.3–2.6 W/m 9 K at 300 K and Seebeck coefficients from 97 microV/K to 107 microV/K at 300 K with a maximum of 141 microV/K at 110 K, thus leading to ZT values of up to 0.31 at room temperature. The results show that Bi-Sb-alloys are promising materials for low-temperature applications. Our wet chemical approach gives access to scalable amounts of nano-material with increased homogeneity and good thermoelectric properties after SPS.