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FAQ BL14.1

Software Q

Hardware Q

Software Q+A

Where can I run the data processing jobs?
Use the maschine hkl5 for all XDS, iMOSFLM jobs.

Hardware Q+A

I lost the beam, what shall I do?
Check whether the storage ring is filled. Check if something blocks the photon pass between  the storage ring and your sample. This could be the main beamshutter, the experimental beamshutter, the MD2 fast shutter, the beam defining aperture (BDA) or the capillary.

The robot is not loading my sample, what shall I do?
Check whether or not you are using the correct vials. Only SPINE compatible vials from Molecular Dimensions are allowed for automated mounting. If the problem remains, try to open and close the sample-cap manually within the CATS-dewar, using the magnetic wand and retry the robot assisted mounting.

May I use 2theta to get a high resolution data set from a well diffracting crystal?
No. This option is not possible anymore. With the new Pilatus 6M detector it is possible to collect atomic resolution data up to 0.84 Angstrom and to resolve large unit cells.

What is the minimal and maximal detector to crystal distance at BL14.1?
Minimal distance = 141mm
Maximal distance = 680mm