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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography

Fourth Joint Berlin MX-day

Lecture Hall 523, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Chausseestr. 117, 10115 Berlin

24 September 2013

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Participants of the 4th Joint Berlin MX-Day

Meeting Agenda

09:00 ‐ 10:20Session I
(Chair: Sebastian Götzl, HU)
09:00 ‐ 09:05Holger Dobbek (HU)
09:05 ‐ 09:30Sandra Hennig (HU)
Insights into the ATP-dependent reactivation of CoFeSP
09:30 ‐ 09:55Anja Schütz (MDC PSPF)
Crystal structures of proteins involved in the ER-associated protein degradation pathway
09:55 ‐ 10:20Martina Schäfer (Bayer Pharma AG)
Lead Discovery by Fragment Screening: A new Opportunity in Industrial Drug Research
10:20 ‐ 10:50Coffee Break / Group photo
10:50 ‐ 12:30Session II
(Chair: Martin Bommer, HU)
10:50 ‐ 11:15Uwe Müller (HZB)
Facilities for MX at the HZB
11:15 ‐ 11:40Karine Sparta (MDC / HZB)
11:40 ‐ 12:05Eva Absmeier (FU)
Structural and functional analysis of the N-terminal region of the spliceosomal Brr2 helicase
12:05 ‐ 12:30Tobias Werther (HU)
Structural evidences for redox-dependent substrate-binding and ground-state destabilization in flavoenzymes
12:30 ‐ 14:00Lunch Break
14:00 ‐ 15:40Session III
(Chair: Brinda Selvaraj, HU)
14:00 ‐ 14:25Athina Zouni (HU)
Structural and functional investigations of Photosystem II
14:25 ‐ 14:50Julia Hellmich (HU)
Recent developments in Photosystem II crystals
14:50 ‐ 15:15Andrea Schmidt (Charité)
Redox-dependent chemical and structure transformation of the [4Fe-3S] cluster in an O2-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase
15:15 ‐ 15:40Jaqueline Kalms (Charité)
Mutations in a membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenase lead to structure modifications of the proximal [4Fe-3S] cluster and variance in O2-tolerance
15:40 ‐ 16:10Coffee Break
16:10 ‐ 17:35Session IV
(Chair: Uwe Mueller, HZB)
16:10 ‐ 16:35Michele Lunelli (MPI for Infection Biology)
Structure-function analysis of different bacterial flagellin isoforms
16:35 ‐ 17:00Alexander Ulrich (FU)
Structural studies of spliceosomal B-complex proteins
17:00 ‐ 17:35Stephen Marino (MDC)
Wet interfaces and dry crystals: High resolution structures of a tumor targeting antibody
17:35Dinner (Buffet)