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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography

Third Joint Berlin MX-day

Freie Universität Berlin, Takustrasse 6

19 September 2012

Group picture of participants of 3. Jount MX day, 19.08.2012 - enlarged view

Participants of the 3rd Joint Berlin MX-Day

Meeting Agenda

09:00 ‐ 10:25
(Chair: Markus Wahl, FU)
09:00 ‐ 09:05Markus Wahl (FU)
09:05 ‐ 09:30Daniel Olal (MDC)
Structural insights into RNA binding of viral nucleoproteins
09:30 ‐ 09:55Traudy Wandersleben (FU)
Structural and functional investigation of spliceosome catalytic activation
09:55 ‐ 10:20Gert Weber (FU)
Structural basis for a dual function of Aar2 in snRNP assembly
10:20 ‐ 10:50Coffee Break
10:50 ‐ 12:30
(Chair: Holger Dobbek, HU)
10:50 ‐ 11:15Michael Kolbe (MPI for Infection Biology)
How pathogenic bacteria hijack host cells:
3-dimensional Structure of the Type III Secretion Channel
11:15 ‐ 11:40Nicola Barison (MPI for Infection Biology)
Interaction of MxiG with the cytosolic complex of the Type III
Secretion System controls Shigella virulence
11:40 ‐ 12:05Brinda Selvaraj (HU)
Structural basis for Kolbe-type decarboxylation in p-cresol biosynthesis in clostridia
12:05 ‐ 12:30Jae-HU Jeoung (HU)
Enzymology with multiple copies in the asymmetric unit: Curse or Blessing
12:30 ‐ 14:00Coffee Break
14:00 ‐ 15:40
(Chair: Manfred Weiss, HZB-BESSY)
14:00 ‐ 14:25Ralph Diensthuber (HU)
Crystal structure of a blue-light-regulated sensor histidine kinase
14:25 ‐ 14:50Ursula Egner (BayerHealthCare)
Structural Biology Contribution to the Discovery of pan-selective CDK Inhibitors
14:50 ‐ 15:15Uli Gohlke (MDC)
15:15 ‐ 15:40Yvette Roske (MDC)
15:40 ‐ 16:10Coffee Break
16:10 ‐ 17:50
(Chair: Udo Heinemann, MDC)
16:10 ‐ 16:35Jana Sticht (FU)
Structural analysis of human MHC class II HLA-DR1 complexes
16:35 ‐ 17:00Miriam Chebli (FMP)
Structural studies of glutamate receptors
17:00 ‐ 17:25Sandra Pühringer (HZB-BESSY)
Structure determination by MAD at the Pr – LIII edge
17:25 ‐ 17:50Manfred Weiss (HZB-BESSY)
Recent developments at the HZB MX-beamlines at BESSY II
18:00 ‐BBQ