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Prepare for Remote Access Experiment

Please follow the required steps to prepare for a remote access experiment.



Remote Access Beamtime Booking

Prerequisite for remote access is a confirmed beamtime slot. Currently we are offering remote access for 8-16h at BL14.1, starting 09:00 Wednesday till Saturday morning. 

Please book your remote beam time at BL14.1 using GATE. All BL14.1 GATE booking is considered as a remote beam time access request. 

Please tick "remote experiment" within the GATE form to select the experimental team. This prevents all downstream processes like guesthouse bookings and dosimeter provision. 

Responsible Scientist for Remote Data Collection

Each remote data collection requires the designation of one responsible scientist. Please fill out the below form, 3-5 working days prior to your remote data collection date. Our user support will contact you and will provide you further information. 


Remote Access User Qualifications

In order to carry out successful remote experiments, the remote user shall have the following qualifications:

  • You have joined the remote user training (future offer) or you have already collected diffraction data at BL14.1 in person
  • You have an valid rex_account, which designates you as the responsible scientist throughout the whole experimental beam time
  • We are expecting, that you have a solid understanding of macromolecular X-ray crystallography, which enables you to plan and carry out your experiments independently. The remote user support helps you on a technical/scientifc basis during your experiment, which mainly focusses on how to use our experimental infrastructure. 

If you do not meet the requirements, please refrain from proceeding. Instead, contact Manfred Weiss or the beamline scientists and ask for a scientific collaboration prior to the anticipated beam time. The terms and conditions will then be discussed depending on your individual needs.


Remote Access Credentials

Please contact the beamline scientist one week prior to your experiment to designate you as the "responsible scientist" of this beamtime and state your contact information as well within the dewar shipment form. If you do not contact us we will assume, that the main proposer is the responsible scientist and hence issue all access grants to her or him. 

Prior to the remote access beam time, you will be granted a so called "rex_account", which enables you to access our beamline intranet via the NoMachine Server foris.helmholtz-berlin.de. The rex_account is still valid after your experiment, so please safe a credentials data.

This account is allowing access from 07:00 am at the day of the experiment.

In addition, we will send you the PX-account credentials, which enables you to login into the beamline control computers and the zoom login for the meeting with your user support at 09:00 am of the day of your beamtime


Supported Sample Containers and Sample Holders

Sample containers:
Currently, we are only supporting ESRF puck, also called SPINE pucks at BL14.1. 

Sample Holders:
Please make sure to only use specified sample holders. Please check through all of them according our specifications, which can be found here:
Sample specifications


Dewar Shipment

Please send the dewars in good time prior to your beam time, which is for EU users 3 working days before the beam time.  
Please follow our instructions: Dewar shipment instructions