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Joint Research Group - SyncLab

M4 Bruker tornado

Instrument data

Modified M4 Bruker Tornado


Rh microfocus X-ray tube, 50 V, 1000 µA




Polycapillary full lens for excitation, polycapillary half lens attached to one detector

Optical microscope

10x and 100x magnification

Experimental parameters


Energy range

2 keV – 30 keV (0.5 keV – 50 keV)

Lateral spot size

~38 µm FWHM @ Fe K fluorescence

Depth resolution

~25 µm FWHM @ Cu K fluorescence

Maximal sample size

600 x 400 x 125 mm³

Maximal scan range

200 x 160 x 125 mm³


Controlled prevacuum (minimum: 1 mbar), air

Stage modus

100 mm/s continuous scan / step-by-step

Lab specification

Temperature and humidity controlled environment