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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics


The institute silicon photovoltaic operates three technology platforms for fabrication of solar cells based on monocrystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon on glass as well as pervoskites. These platforms form the basis for research on innovative tandem-cells and hetero-junction or hybride- devices. For  particle free processes, two cleanroom laboratories ( 12.8 and EMIL) are available.

Silicon heterojunction solar cells on wafers

The institute operates a complete research line for the fabrication of c-Si/a-Si:H heteojunction solar cells on wafers up to 6 inch. The line is comprised of the following tools:

EMIL Silicon Cluster
Suess MA6 Mask-Aligner
Wet chemical processing in our cleanroom
PVD-contacting technology

In addition, an UHV deposition tool can be used for special deposition and characterization tasks.

Polysilicon solar cells and mini modules on glass

For the fabrication of liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells and modules on glass. The following tools are availabe

Von Ardenne Depositions cluster
CW-Lasercrystallization in atmosphere or under vacuum conditions
Ink-Jet Printer for contacts
wet chemical processes in our cleanroom
PVD contacting technology

Perovskite solar cells

The institute operates three gloveboxes for synthesis and characterization of perovkite solar cells. Research is conducted in close collaboration with the Young Investigator Group Perowskite Tandem Solar Cells and the HySPRINT Innovation Lab.