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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics

Von Ardenne deposition cluster


For the preparation of precursor layers for our liquid phase crystallization technology, an integrated PECVD / PVD cluster is available at the institute. Our Von Ardenne CS400PS cluster is equiped with two PECVD chambers, one rf-magnetron sputter source and two high rate electron beam evaporators for silicon deposition. In addition, the cluster is equipped with a process chamber for hydrogen plasma treatments of silicon-related materials. The cluster offers a fully automated deposition on multiple substrates including face-up and face-down deposition.

PECVD chambers

For the deposition of silicon-based materials such as SiOx, SiNx, SiCx as well as intrinsic or p- / n-type doped a-Si:(H) or nc-Si(H) two PECVD chambers are available. The PECVDs offer heater temperatures up to 600°C and allow for the deposition on wafers up to 8 inch or custom made flipable carriers.

Sputter chamber

The sputtering chamber is equipped with a 10 inch magnetron source and offers HF powers up to 1kW (RF bias capable) or pulsed DC operation to deposit various materials including silicon, silicon oxide or TCOs. A IR heater offers deposition temperatures up to 700°C

Electron beam evaporation chambers

A unique feature of this cluster is the integration of evaporation chambers for the high rate deposition of silicon up to 40 micrometres. The installed electron beam sources offer deposition rates up to 600 nm /min at substrate temperatures up to 600°C. One deposition chamber is additionally installed with a boron effusion source to deposit p-type layers. For a higher sample throughput a second evaporation chamber was installed which offers the simultaneos deposition on four 8 inch substrates.

Hydrogen post treatment

For bulk and surface passivation of silicon the cluster is equiped with a hydrogen plasma treatment chamber. The chamber offers a direct hydrogen or deuterium plasma and RTP system to anneal samples up to 700°C 

Sample transport and storage

For the integrated processing of multiple samples and combination of face-up and face-down depositions, a magazine loadlock with 12 slots and a substrate flip-station is available. For loading / unloading of a single substrate a second loadlock with preheat station is installed at the system.