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Department Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials

Instrumentation and Laboratory

Neutron Instruments at Research Reactor BER II

InstrumentInstrument Scientists
E6Focusing Powder Diffractometer Andreas Hoser
E9Fine Resolution Powder Diffractometer (FIREPOD) Alexandra Franz
Andreas Hoser
E11Fast Acquisition Laue Camera for Neutrons (FALCON)Michael Tovar
Andreas Hoser

Instrumentation at BESSY II

CryoEXAFSCryoEXAFSGötz Schuck
KMC-2 DiffractionKMC-2 DiffractionDaniel Többens
mySpotMicro-XANES, -EXAFS, -fluorescenceIvo Zizak

Laboratory for crystallographic materials research for solar energy conversion

  • synthesis of powder reference samples of chalcogenide compound semiconductors by solid state reaction (fig. 1)
  • synthesis of chalcogenide nanoparticles by wet-chemical routes (fig.2)
  • synthesis of hybrid-perovskites
  • chemical analysis of the synthesized material by WDX spectroscopy using an electron microprobe system
    (Freie Universitaet Berlin, Institute of Geological Sciences)
  • basic structural analysis of the synthesized materials by X-ray powder diffraction
enlarged view

Fig. 1: left: sealing of evacuated silica tubes; middle: elements loaded into a graphite boat within a silica tube; right: synthesis in a 1-zone furnace

enlarged view

Fig. 2: left: synthesis setup for nanocrystals; middle and right: TEM-images of Cu-, Zn-, Sn-, S-based nanoparticles