• Teodoreanu, A.-M.; Friedrich, F.; Leihkauf, R.; Korte, L.; Kittler, M.; Rech, B.; Boit, C.: 2D simulations of the grain boundary light beam induced current (GB-LBIC) technique on polycrystalline silicon thin films. In: Proceedings - EU PVSEC 2013, 28th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition : Parc des Expositions paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France ; conference 30 September - 04 October 2013. München: WIP, 2013, p. 2666-2670


Grain boundaries (GBs) in semiconductors such as polycrystalline silicon are known to be detrimental for electronic devices, and in particular for solar cells. However, conduction channels observed at GBs might also be beneficial for novel devices. Techniques based on beam induced local excitation of charge carriers like Electron and Light Beam Induced Current (EBIC and LBIC, respectively), allow to visualize the local influence of GBs and to gain access to the local properties of (opto)electronic devices. However, in order to extract quantitative parameters, suitable modeling is required to translate the E/LBIC current contrast into material and GB parameters like recombination rate or defect density. We present a 2D simulation study, using the Sentaurus TCAD environment, of the specific GB-LBIC technique applied to polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) material. The experimental requirements for contacts and illumination are investigated in order to evaluate the local information accessible with this method.