Zwiebler, M.; Schierle, E.; Weschke, E.; Buechner, B.; Revcolevschi, A.; Ribeiro, P.; Geck, J.; Fink, J.: Stripe order of La1.64Eu0.2Sr0.16CuO4 in magnetic fields studied by resonant soft x-ray scattering. Physical Review B 94 (2016), p. 165157/1-4
Open Accesn Version

We present results on the magnetic field dependence of the stripe order in La1.64Eu0.2Sr0.16CuO4 (LESCO). Using resonant soft x-ray scattering at the oxygen K edge to probe the (0.259,0,0.648) superlattice reflection, which is commonly associated to charge stripes, we found no pronounced difference in the wave vector, peak widths, and integrated intensity for magnetic fields up to B=6 T. This is in strong contrast to the behavior observed for La1.875Sr0.125CuO4, where a stabilization of the charge modulation in high magnetic fields has been demonstrated.