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Department Microstructure and Residual Stress Analysis

Synchrotron diffractometer - EDDI

enlarged view

The HZB experiment EDDI at BESSY

EDDI is among the few beamlines world-wide dedicated to energy dispersive (ED) diffraction and the only one specialized in high resolution residual stress-, texture and microstructure depth profiling. The (ED) technique enables rapid data acquisition –  below one second for a complete spectrum – so that time-resolved experiments can be carried out. This concept is supported by special data evaluation packages (developed and continually improved by the EDDI staff) which are provided to the users for “instant” data evaluation.
EDDI is also dedicated to fast in-situ studies with large and/or complex sample environments, such as thin film deposition chambers, high pressure reactions chambers for investigating chemical reactions during crystallization from the liquid phase, or devices for in-situ welding and corrosion. Furthermore, the white beam available at EDDI allows radioscopy or tomography combined with diffraction within seconds to study in-situ both micro- and crystal structure simultaneously.