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Department Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light-Energy Conversion

Operando Interfacial Photochemistry

The group formed on 1 January 2017 uses X-ray spectroscopy to study electronic structures at solid–liquid interfaces, in particular nanoparticle–water interfaces and electrolyte–anode interfaces (e.g. in photoelectrochemical cells).

Group 'Operando Interfacial Photochemistry'

A major challenge is to develop sufficient quantities of stable, cost-effective photoelectrochemical cell materials that will improve photoanode properties in the interest of higher efficiency water electrolysis. Such challenges, however, can only be overcome if the atomic-scale interactions occurring at the solid–electrolyte interface are thoroughly understood. To improve this understanding, photoelectron spectroscopy is used to study the non-radiative relaxation processes and induced electron- and charge-exchange processes at the interface.