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Department Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials

Basic rules for working at the X-Ray CoreLab Facilities

For any work in the X-Ray CoreLab registration at the department for radiation protection (LMC: C building (location), 2nd floor) is prerequisite. You also have to pass the online instructions  "Safety training HZB" and "X-ray instructions" (Röntgenunterweisung)!


In order to provide all users of the X-Ray CoreLab a working place which satisfies the requirements of scientific work - security, operational readiness, cleanliness, and tidiness- every user undertakes to observe the below basic rules of the Lab:



  • Online security and X-ray briefing have to be up to date at any time. Access to the CoreLab is not possible. without valid briefings.
  • Before using the lab facilities for the first time an introduction to the instrument is mandatory. The user confirms his or her participation in the introduction by her or his signature, the radiation protection department will be informed about the users who participated in the introduction.

  • All labs have emergency exits which must never be blocked.

  • In case of operational fault, all instruments in the lab can be switched off by the emergency stop switches on the walls.

  • It is self-evident that it is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of food or food containers etc. into the lab.

How to book an instrument

  • Instruments can be booked  by the IGAMA calender system (link). Starting and end time of the measurment as well as a short description of the project and the samples used must be given.
  • Measuring time can only be booked and used personally. Booking for others or leaving unused measuring time to others is strictly prohibited.
  • With respect to demands of other users consecutive days should only be reserved on weekends. In exceptional case consecutive measuring days may be booked if the actual demand at the instrument is low.
  • Measuring time should be booked with respect to expectable statistics. As a rule of thumb, 10.000 counts for the highest peak is already good statistics.
  • If for unforeseeable reasons reserved measuring time cannot be used the booking must be canceled so that others can use the instrument during this period of time.
  • If a user does not show without notice and the booked measuring time is not cancelled within one hour after starting time, the booked measuring time is at the disposal of other users.

Lab access

  • Access to the lab is organized by the coding the HZB key for the current quarter, respectively. If there is XRD demand for adjacent quarter the access will be extended.  Prerequisite is a valid X-Ray briefing for the complete quarter.
  • After the measuring time the key will be recoded and not open the lab anylonger. Thus, it is required update the key before and after you work in the lab.
  • It is possible to bring guests into the lab with XRD "Vollschutzgeräten" (no dosimeter required). However, guests must be in accompanied by registered persons and are by no means allowed to work with the instruments.
  • It is illegal and hence prohibited to bring guests into radiation controlled areas!

Sample preparation

  • Preparation desks are available for sample preparation in the lab. If a desk offers more than one space (e.g. separated by red tape) only one space is to be used while the other one is to be left for other users.
  • Instantly after finishing the sample preparation the desk has to be cleaned and tidied up.
  • Waste must be disposed off in the corresponding bin (paper, residual waste, lab waste).
  • Lab expendable materials (gloves, tiissues...) can be found in the closets.

Carrying out a measurement

  • All measuring PCs work with the same Win7 account. Personal log-in is hence not necessary and is to be avoided.
  • Each measurement must be logged in the log book of the instrument including date, name, and sample description. In addition comments may be added (e.g. slit combination etc.).
  • It is prohibited to change the instrument set-up! Exceptions are slits in general as well as optics and detector systems at Panalytical XRDs. Contacting the lab responsible and a brief introduction before making any changess are mandatory.
  • In case of instrumental disfunction the lab responsible has to be informed immediately so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible.

Data export

  • Measurements as well as measuring program files are stored in the D partition of the hard drives in individual folders. By this working system and data are separated and hence best clearness and accessibility is ensured.
  • The D partitions are netbackuped on regular basis.
  • Data are exported using the HZB intranet, e.g. WinSCP or explorer network area. Data export via USB devices is prohibited since this is a permanent source of viruses.
  • Access path for the individual PCs can be found at the respective monitor. All PC names begin with "xlab" and hence can be easily found.

After the measurement, sample treatment

  • After finishing the measurement the instrument must be set back into the initial state. The samples have to be removed, the instrument must be cleaned. Open programs for measuring or evaluation at the PC will be closed.
  • Generally samples cannot be stored in the lab, thus they need to be removed from the lab after the measurement is finished. In exceptional cases and in agreement with the lab responsible samples can temporarely be stored at dedicated places.
  • Samples not assigned to any person will be disposed within 14 days.

Following the rules

  • If  the  rules are violated,  the lab responsible will remind the user to observe the rules. If the rules are violated again the user will be suspended from using the X-ray CoreLab.

Please note...

that observing the above rules is for the benefit of all users!

We wish you much success for your scientific projects!